Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stephen Carpenter ?

It was Stephen Carpenter's wife who heard someone shouting Maddie, Maddie or Madeleine, Madeleine, at 920 ish a few minutes after they crossed that road with her pushing a baby in a buggy and her husband some ways behind her carrying their sleeping blond 3 year old. Probably in pink pajamas. From the creche to their apt.

Catycat thinks Jane saw them (father and child, not the whole family) briefly from inside her house or something and later helpfully filled in details like that Maddie's pajamas were "pinkish" - rather than seeing this person walking across the street when she was going past Gerry and Jez. Because they didn't see her. And the pjs would seem pale orange or yellow under sodium lights. And obviously the wrong sort of legs - tight to the leg and long to the ankle rather than short wide legged cropped trousers that would ride up to just under the knee. So jane's sighting isn't of Madeleiene's pajamas - would be swell to know if Carpenter girl had such pjs on. She was in pajamas being carried RIGHT at the time Jane saw someone carrying a girl in pajamas,

It put the hunt for madeleine - "discovering" her missing or dead - back 40 minutes which gives some additional time, now that it's good and dark, to move the body to another location whilst supposedly out looking for her. Before raising the alert.
Source: MMF