Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How it began

There have been many hoax sightings but this is the first time we have been able to prove Mitchell is a liar and that he is behind all of this spin on behalf of the McCanns via Murdoch.

This is how it began with a reporter named Jupinderjit Singh. Date July 23rd.

Missing Madeleine puts Leh in a tizzyJupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service
Leh, July 23
High drama prevailed in the busy Fort Road market of the city last night when three persons identified a six-year-old girl as Madeleine McCann, a British girl who went missing while on a holiday in Portugal in 2007.

The infamous case had hogged limelight when Madeleine disappeared in May 2007 while she was holidaying with her parents and siblings in the Algarve region of Portugal. The minor girl went missing from an apartment a few days before her fourth birthday and has still not been found. According to the Wikipedia and various web portals, Madeline’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann had stated that they had left the children unsupervised in the ground floor bedroom while they were at a restaurant about 120 metres away.
Last night, a British woman saw a French woman with her Belgian husband roaming in the market with a girl who looked like Madeleine. She immediately informed the British police and the Leh police. The local police has taken the passports of the suspects for verification.
The missing girl’s parents have set up a website where they have put up her pictures that were taken in 2007 and also pictures of how she would look like as she would grow up.
As the British woman shared her suspicions with few others and took a picture of the girl, an American youth -- who was also following the couple -- tried to take away the girl from them. He later told the police that he suspected the girl to be Madeleine. Another American woman also shared the suspicion.
The French woman, however, rubbished their claims, saying that she and her husband were the biological parents of the girl.
A local police official said there was worldwide alert for Madeleine and it would be a great honour for the Leh police to find the missing girl. “However, it all depends upon the evidence like DNA for which help from Madeleine’s parents and the British police was required.”


They kept the sighting on hold. The seed was set ready  to cover a bad news day. That bad news day was the release of the news Sara Paynes phone had been hacked. The MADDIE sighting went viral. However, a journalist must have smelt a rat and did some checking . This is what she tweeted.

Philippa Hall

REPORTS coming through thick and fast POLICE in DELHI know nothing about a sighting of Madeleine...

Chief of Police in Leh, Vivek Gupta: claims of sighting of Madeline #McCann 'false'; not been approached by anyone for DNA test via SPUDGUN
SPUDGUN is journalist Mike can check with him I have his mail.


We are now July 28th and MURDOCH SUN even knowing the sighting was a HOAX still continues to publish the lie as fact.

McCann hoax sighting to pick up speed in Britain even though it has been confirmed there is no sighting .


INDIA continue to deny MITCHELLS allegations of a child found answering to the description of Madeleine.

Srinagar, July 28 (IANS) The Jammu and Kashmir Police Thursday denied media reports that a British girl who had reportedly gone missing in Portugal four years ago was found in Leh.

Talking to some media persons here Thursday evening, Abdul Gani Mir, deputy inspector general of police (DIG), said: "We have not recovered any missing foreign girl from Leh."

"There is no question of carrying out a DNA test since we don't have the girl.

 Our field staff in Leh have confirmed that no such girl has been recovered by them."

"A British media report said that a girl missing for the last four years from Portugal had been sighted in Leh district of the state.

We have no such confirmation from either the police or the district administration," the DIG said.

Earlier, a British newspaper report had said a four-year-old British girl, who was allegedly kidnapped while on a holiday in Portugal in 2007, has reportedly been tracked down to Leh city in India's Jammu and Kashmir state.

The report in the Daily Mail also said the parents of Madeleine McCann are, however, awaiting the results of a DNA test on the girl.

Kate and Gerry McCann's team of private investigators said they were working with Leh police who were alerted after a British woman spotted a girl she thought to be Madeleine.

The abducted girl would now be eight years old.


By July 29th it had been CONFIRMED this incident NEVER happened and yet MITCHELL is still peddling it as fact.


Proven the sighting never happened media lie spreads to Canada and yes we are still talking DNA tests...

DavidBrett :Submission (Requested) To 10 Downing Street Re The India Incident
The first time I have posted photographs of any of the protagonists here. This is because, for the first time extant of child neglect, I AM accusing--the theory being that, having now publicly received two differing accounts of the alleged event in Leh, India, BOTH accounts cannot possibly be true, which means that one of the parties is telling blatant lies. This in mind, I have spoken to several members of the Indian police, both the Leh and Jammu-Kashmir Divisions, and their account of the event matches the statements given to the British press and Sky News. Therefore we must decided WHO is lying--sworn-in officers of the law, including a Chief of Police, or a spokesman who holds the unprecedented position of representing a couple whose child is missing. This in mind, I was requested to submit TWO separate petitions for investigation--one to the British Prime Minister, and another to the Chief of Police with the  Jammu-Kashmir-Division:

Dear Mr Cameron/ Sh. Vivek Gupta IPS,

Alleged Sighting of Madeleine McCann In Leh, India

This matter concerns me greatly. The Kashmiri Tribune published a story by Jupinderjit Singh, stating that a child, along with her parents, had been "apprehended" by three citizens in Leh, India, and a DNA test commissioned. Furthermore her parents (the McCanns) are said to have been contacted with photographic evidence. This was followed up in the UK papers, while the Leh Chief of Police denied the event had taken place, or that there were photos or DNA tests.
I feel that questions should be raised why this hoax occurred, how the story came about which was clearly made up, and importantly why--also, the involvement of Mr Clarence Mitchell, who I am led to believe no longer represents the McCanns.
Both accounts of this story cannot be accurate, and I feel this matter needs to be fully investigated and made public. It is the public, after all, who has raised vast amounts to help find this child.
Sincerely, and in anticipation with thanks, etc, duly signed.... 1/8/11

Several people are now in touch with Scotland yard and have been asked to place an official complaint against Mitchell, also as you can see this is just one example of those who have written to downing Street and to the Police in India...How did the story end. DNA was forgotten and that same night when the hoax was exposed the Daily Mail had this to say.

MCCANNS 'It is not our Maddie !

Reporter MR Singh (claimed to have been an eye witness)  also jumped in and tried to accuse his countries police force of being inept.

Alleged contact with eye witness reported...

Do you have any comment about the way that some media (TV etc) here in UK are saying the Madeleine McCann lookalike story was a fake. That the police in Leh claim there have no information about the story. Also why where there no photographs in the papers?
Mr Singh replies
I have already been quoted wrongly in many British newspapers. I just reported a drama and my story never said anyone was detained, any passport was confiscated or any DNA sample taken. The police official let the French woman with the girl go. He committed a grave error. Why would he admit it now? He did not record the incident in the Daily Diary Register. I wonder where is Carol and why is she quite.

Above all, what every one fails to understand is that I wasn’t posted in Leh. I was there for some other stories. And all this happened just by chance. I would put on my blog what exactly happened. It was only the next morning that when I googled about Madeline that I learnt what the case was. The British press took five days to react. And they jumped to coclusions. Where did I write the DNA samples were taken? I said DNA method can help in identifying the girl. Also, how can I fake the story? And why would I? It is your press which exaggerated on my story , twisted it and now blaming me? Please call me at ******** (telephone no. removed cos I know what some are like)
My contact replies back saying
I agree one hundred percent that the UK media have developed this story for their own purposes having read your original story very carefully. I am not a journalist, just a person who has followed the Madeleine McCann story over the years. (removed as personal) I realise perfectly that you are not based in Leh and it is quite a trek from your base. It wasn’t my intentiion to quote you anywhere though I can have what you have written posted on a very well read blog. I won’t phone now as I am in bed and on the point of sleeping but will phone you later during the day if that is OK.
Mr Singh replies again saying
You can post on the blog. I would send you a first person account of the event I sent to a British newspaper. And you would be appalled at how they twisted it. Also, look at the readers. Plz see Madeline website. Someone posted my story but uses the heading ” madeline spotted in France”????

Thx and good night