Friday, December 16, 2011

Time For The Truth To Be Exposed !

  1. Comments Section :
Yes Craig, isn’t it obvious, they are planning a 9/11 and the venue will be Woolwich barracks, already Boris Johnson has banned ALL children from the shooting events, no one wants to see small dead children do they ?
  1. Off topic, I have been in touch with MP Tom Watson over the McCanns for the last few months ,he gave me an e.mail to send him information which I did.
  2. I have over the last couple of days witnessed the grovel pantomime at the Leveson Inquiry apologizing to the McCanns.
  3. I thought you might like to know I have informed every British journalist today including Tom Watson that the diary which seems to have hi-jacked the Leveson Inquiry, which can now only be described as a circus was NEVER in the hands of the PJ ,in fact it NEVER was in Portugal at all !
  4. I have suggested to ALL those who claim to want the truth to investigate the McCanns claims along with Clarence Mitchell’s. Today, now the truth has come out (see link) David Leigh, Nick Davies and Tom Watson , Martin Brunt and several other so called journalists have now fallen silent.
  6. So Craig my question is this, the Leveson Inquiry, is it just a platform for the McCanns to destroy Portugal because from where I am sitting it looks that way. The libel trial begins in February and Gonçalo Amaral now has plenty of amo after today to prove in court the British media have refused to publish the truth and instead have accepted the McCanns LIED under oath about a diary that was NEVER in the hands of the Portuguese so how could they possible have leaked it to the News of The World.
  7. I have screen shots of all reporters I have tweeted today with this link and I shall be in Portugal during the trial with this information and British journalism will be exposed for what it is. I and many others will not let Maddie or the PJ be stomped on by the teflon couple.