Sunday, September 4, 2011


With the arrest of Ross Hall I believe it is now becoming evident that the McCanns phones were hacked. There are now far too many coincidences with hackgate and the McCanns to be ignored. Hacking has been going on for years, not just with Murdoch but other British journalists have been hacking peoples phones to get  that all EXCLUSIVE 'scoop'., David Leigh for example now editor of the Guardian has admitted to hacking .The Daily Mirror and Piers Morgan are also in the spotlight and an article  written by Lori Campbell for the Sunday Mirror has drawn my attention for two reasons...the questions that were included in the article suggesting what the PJ might ask Kate McCann has been removed... and secondly question nine, stating the McCanns have admitted giving the children a pain killer ?

NOW, only in Kates book does she claim the children were sedated on two occasions, a ridiculous assumption but not so ridiculous if the McCans knew four years ago that their phones had been hacked and 'someone', Ross Hall for example had heard one or other of them telling a family member they had given the children a 'mild' pain killer ...then passing this information on to Lori Campbell for her article in the Sunday Mirror ONLY by hacking the McCanns phones would this information have been confirmed by the McCanns themselves, publicly they have denied giving the children any form of medication.

Police suspicion around CC



1 – Did you kill your daughter? – Kate has never been asked this question outright before in the whole inquiry.

2 – What did you do with her body? – Although cops are convinced Maddie is dead,they have no body and is still missing.

3 – Why did you hire a car? – The McCanns managed without a car until 25 days after Maddie vanished.

4 – Why did you hire the car the day before going to see the pope? – Cops say it makes no sense to rent a vechicle when kate and gerry were about to fly to rome.

5 – Did the hire car contain any of Madeleines belongings? – Police say Maddies blood was found inside the car and want to rule out any legitimate explanation.

6 – Why was Maddies blood found in the villa and in the car? – Kate was asked did she have a normal accident.

7 – Did you move Madeleines body in the hire car? – Police are convinced that forensics evidence places maddie inside the car hire after she vanished.

8 – Why did sniffer dogs detect traces of a corspe on your jeans and t – shirt,and Maddies cuddle cat toy? Kate, a doctor insists she was present at the deaths of six patients shortly before flying to portugal.


9 – Did you sedate Madeleine? – The McCanns admit giving the children an infant painkiller. But they insist they never gave sedatives and deny giving Maddie an accidential overdose.

10 – Did you have any syringes in the apartment? – Kate insists she did not but thinks they may be referring to a “Dropper”used to give the children medicine.

11 – How much did you drink that night? – The McCanns have denied reports that their group downed 14 bottles of wine at dinner.

12 – Who checked on the children and at what times exactly? – The McCanns have given a timeline but police are trying to iron out alleged possible inconsistencies.

13 – Did you ever leave Madeleine unattended for much longer than you claim? – Witnesses are said to say she was heard crying for her parents for long periods on evenings that week.

14 – Does your husband know about it? – The police want to know if Kate will implicate Gerry in their theory.Their bond is tight but police see her as the weaker of the two.

15 – Does anyone else,including your friends know about it? – The police theory may require a conspiracy involving some of the couples highly reputable friends.Police are focusing on alleged discrepancies in their statements.

16 – Why did you shout, 'Someone has taken my little girl'! after returning from her room on the night of her disappearance? – Cops want to know why she automatically assumed her girl had been snatched and not just walked off.

17 – Did you ever leave Madeleine all evening to go into town? – A barman claimed he saw the McCanns in Lagos, five miles away.They insist they were in Paraia da Luz that night.

18 – Did you call police as soon as you found Madeleine was missing? – There have been suggestions that a neighbour offered to call police but Kate insisted she had already rung – than waited another 40 minutes before actually making the first call.This is disputed.

19 – Why did you call a priest on the night Maddie vanished? – Police beleive devout christian Kate may have been feeling guilty.

20 – Why did you wash cuddle cat after Maddie went missing? – The cuddly toy was Maddies favourite and had her distinctive smell.

Kate carries it wherever she goes.

21 – Did you hide anything in the church? – Kate and Gerry were given keys to the church in Praia da Luz so they could pray there alone.

22 – Why do you want to go home now? – After four months in Portugal,the McCanns planned to leave as DNA test results were due.