Sunday, September 4, 2011


Here is Kate McCanns witness statement from May 4th, as you can see there is no mention of Madeleines toy on a high shelf /ledge. I believe Ross Hall should be questioned by the MET as to where he got this information from because it is not as Lori Campbell suggests in any police statement. Lori Campbell the partner of Ross Hall who tried to set Robert Murat up as the person who abducted Madeleine...

Kate McCann witness statement May 4th...

The following articles regarding the McCann case were written by either Ross Hall or Lori Campbell. (see above Link)

Lori Campbell is the journalist who brought suspicion onto Robert Murat as the potential abductor of Madeleine McCann.

Lori Campbell and Ross Hall *appear*  to have originated the reports that Cuddlecat had been found on a high shelf, thus supporting McCann's abduction claims. Ross Hall claimed that the Cuddlecat / high shelf story was uncovered by a News of the World investigation. Lori Campbell claimed police source.

Ross Hall and Lori Campbell are allegedly now married after traveling the world for a year. Ross Hall is allegedly the originator of the "Dear Neville" email - at the center of the News of the World hacking scandal.  Ross Hall was allegedly
arrested in connection with the hacking probe early Sept 2011.

Implication : That the McCanns phones were hacked and intercepted when the REAL story of what happened to Madeleine was being relayed to a family member and the fact the toy was on a ledge and Madeleine had an accident resulting in her death.