Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Comments from Dail Mail before they are deleted

People are so cruel ...yes they left their children in that hotel ...how many of you use the babysitting services provided @ Hotels and holiday camps where you think it is safe for complete strangers check on your children with your permission!
They were checking on them regularly themselves!
God knows they have been made to pay for their actions now leave them alone !
- SMMoose, Chelmsford uk, 14/12/2010

But they DIDN'T use the babysitting service (although there was one available) they left 3 pre-school children unattended in a hotel room! I agree whoever took madeline is in the wrong ultimately but we all know the world is not a safe place. What if there had been a fire? What if one child had woken and fell from the balcony? It was irresponsible at the best. Would anyone here dream of leaving their kids in bed and going to a pub 5 mins down the road? If they did social services would have something to say!
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The vitriolic bile that the commenters , mainly from the UK have made against the McCanns since their child was kidnapped is nothing but evil, pernicious tripe from the flotsam and jetsam, the hoi-polloi who have nothing better to do but castigate others for their mistakes rather than show them a little humility? Don't YOU think the McCanns suffer EVERY MOMENT for their mistake?
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Were they gulity of a gross error of judgment ? - Probably Yes
Did they deserve to lose their child this way ? - Definitely No
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I really don't know what to believe. Only thing is Maddie is still missing! I still think of her every day where she is or what happened to her. Hopefully we all will hear a good news one day!
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A child of the same age and from the same area abducted shortly after Madeliene was playing outside alone. Were her parents neglectful? The truth is these horrible people will always find a way to abduct innocent children. None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. I remember my little son going missing from the front of our house whilst playing. I remember the sick feeling, a feeling this poor family must feel every single day.
The anger and hate so evident on this thread would be better directed at the CRIMINAL WHO ABDUCTED THIS CHILD but strangely the abductor is NEVER the butt of this so called anger on here. I wonder why?
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Why do people say the McCann's made a mistake?? Making a mistake is driving to close to the car in front or burning your toast. Leaving children in an unlocked apartment on a main road (with no view of the door) is neglect.
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I am sorry it is very sad for the Little Girl, but the parents have only there selves to blame, if they had thought more of taking there children out with them rather than going out on there own she would still be here!!! It makes me sick if it had been a single Mum or Dad that had left there children they would have had the lot thrown at them!!! so please stop making exscuses for theese people!!!!!!!
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Love the way anyone who is expressing concern for a missing child, (who, let's face it had been through who knows what in the intervening years) gets red arrows, while those who dont actually seem to care about her and would rather bash the parents get green.

Really shows your priorities people. Pray you never make a mistake, with tragic consequences!! Let the red arrows rain down!!
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A few points in answer to a number of posters

* The children were not left alone only the night Madeleine disappeared, but night after night - it was standard practice for the group. And Kate admitted that Madeleine had said she and Sean had been crying for their parents the night. before. How could Kate and Gerry leave them alone again knowing that the children had previously been crying for them? It goes against all caring parenting
* Kate and Gerry have never admitted responsibility - that is one of the problems. There would be much more sympathy for them if they had, and had added "Don't do the same". Instead they said "Everyone does it" (They do NOT) So they gave out the wrong message and therefore have lost sympathy
* As doctors, not only would they be assumed to be intelligent enough to know children should not be left alone, they would be expected, as professionals, to report to Social Services any parents they were aware of that behaved in such a manner
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Quite right that the British Police were involved. If this had happened in the UK I would have expected the McCanns to be prosecuted for leaving such young children unattended. They have nobody to blame for what happened but themselves and it will be on their consciences. It is poor Madeleine for whom I have sympathy.
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Tourism dollars would have a lot to do with it. Flights from UK to Portugal and back are enormous, not to mention the hotels restaurants etc. No way did either country want to deter the tourists. So blame the parents.
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One does not develop evidence, it is either there to be found or it is not. As I have never heard one credible bit of evidence against the family and indeed it seems to be impossible that they had any role in this terrible crime, I wonder what exactly the police were all up to.
Shortly before Maddy was abducted another child was abducted from the general area and shortly after another child was abducted from the same area. I suppose the McCanns are supposed to have abducted those children as well!
Something smells very badly indeed in this case and it reflects on the British police as well.
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They are not guilty of neglect, only of making a wrong decision, based on trusting human beings. Their punishment for this is WAY over the top in losing their daughter. The responsibility for this CRIME lies with the kidnapper.100%
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Stop stating the obvious,instead why don`t you all think of the person who broke in and took a sleeping little girl from her bed, surely he is the focal point of your anger! we hopefully will never feel their pain.
- dwc, glasgow

Thank you!! Some non-hysterical sense spoken on this subject at last. The parents made one terrible, stupid mistake & they are paying for it every single moment of every single day. Meanwhile while all the self-righteous Daily Mail reading parents pour bile on these two the real villian of the piece, the abductor gets absolutely no negative press at all. No doubt I'll get a ton of red arrows but just think about what it must feel like on a human level to lose a child and have a bit of compassion, even DM readers can manage that surely?

The biggest problem the McCanns have got is that they are comfortably off and educated. That's what the average DM reader can't stand. No wonder everyone takes the P out of DM readers. Smug and Self righteous twits
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Guilty or not why did they leave the kids on their own whilst dining? that was a terrible mistake .
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How misleading this article is!

You have taken the word "development" in complety the wrong way.

- Debbie, Braunfels, Germany., 14/12/2010 11:06

In what way? The dictionary definition of 'development' is: 'The act of improving by expanding or enlarging or refining.' Seems exactly spot on from reading the report.
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People are so cruel ...yes they left their children in that hotel ...how many of you use the babysitting services provided @ Hotels and holiday camps where you think it is safe for complete strangers check on your children with your permission!
They were checking on them regularly themselves!
God knows they have been made to pay for their actions now leave them alone !
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This little girl was let down by her parents. By all accounts it was not the first time she was left alone. The parents were lucky that the other two children were not taken. Despite all this you cannot feel anything but pity for the McCanns. To lose a child is terrible but to carry the knowledge that it could so easily have been avoided must be a terrible price to pay. Gerry Mccann has said many times that the authorities in Britain should be doing more, it now seems that a lot was being done behind the scenes.
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The thought of the British police working against two of their own, in such horrific circumstances as the loss of their child, is absolutely beyond belief.
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When the McCanns were not co-operating with the Portuguese Police in trying to locate their lost daughter and were also ignoring much police advice including not to advertise the fact that their daughter had an eye imperfection, no wonder they brought suspicion upon themselves and no wonder the Portuguese Police asked for British police co-operation (which they had).
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Bob London and every one who thinks anyone who disagrees that the MacCans did no wrong

The MacCans are sad to say far from innocent they are guilty of child neglect
who in their right minds leaves children asleep in an appartment which is out of sight in any country in the world???

I think they are extreamly lucky they have never been charged with the offence
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It is interesting to observe the pattern in the comments and ratings here.

Doesn't seem that we have advanced much as a caring society, since the days of the trial and persecution of poor innocent people as witches!!
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What is proved against the Maccann couple is Maderlaine came to serious harm,
because she was neglected by her parents while they wined and dined. That is beyond doubt. How people can still defend this couple is beyond me> Get your Rose coloured specs off get real.
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- Farmer Giles, Truro, Cornwall, 14/12/2010 10:07
I'm sorry I accidentally hit the red arrow instead of the green arrow, I totally agree with you
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While all parties should be investigated, starting with the parents, it can clearly be seen that these parents were not involved in anyway with the kidnap of the little girl.

The key word is "developed" ....suspect, investigate, charge or dismiss......sure all these things should be done, the McCann's would no doubt agree to all of these.....but to "Develope" a case against them.......that is surely something quite different ......and very much more sinister........some one should swing for this.
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All these negative red arrows against people supporting the INNOCENT McCanns really appalls me!
Are so many people really that bigotted and ignorant?
- Bob, London, 14/12/2010 10:37

In a word, probably.
We live in a world where guilt is often determined by the general population, based not on evidence, but on their own prejudices. And a conviction of their own infailibility

Almost everyone is certain they KNOW (not just think) what happened.

If you've ever seen this in a jury trial, you may well be convinced that justice would be better served by doing away with the jury system.
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Blah blah blah is all i think of the hateful words towards the McCanns. It happens every time they are mentioned. Well god forbid your kids ever went missing. The McCanns realise they made a huge mistake, Kate has even said she beats herself up everyday about it. But i guess that doesnt matter to you lot. You put your child to bed and you think they are in the safest place in the world. Nobody would expect anybody steal them away into the night. Somebody is out there who abducts kids, this is what everyone should be focusing on. And the McCanns should never have to be quiet about their daughter. They always have my support, and thankfully a lot of others it seems too.
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Exactly. There is no evidence to implicate The McCanns in the disappearance of their daughter, and there never was.

- Eleanor, France., 14/12/2010 9:09

Why so many red arrows...this statement is totally true as proved by this article...leave the McCann's alone to continue to grieve the loss of their little girl
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- mumofone, Oxfordshire - You are the one making the stupid comment!

Victoria Smith, Spain makes a valid point! Denise Bulger left her son ALONE outside a shop! Please point out the difference?

They were both careless acts made at sometime by MOST parents (if they were honest enough to admit), except (apparently) the sanctimonious, perfect people who seem to have an illogical down on the McCanns. Do please show yourselves by red arrowing me!
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I'm on the side of Kate and Gerry; hoping and praying that there is a break through in this case. I refuse to believe any of the malicious nonsense that has been written about them.

Many years ago, at a busy horserace meeting, I let go of one of my toddlers' hands and it took nearly 30 minutes to find him. Anything could have happened in that time.

We all make mistakes.
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Very sick and sad embittered people venting their venom against a couple to whom ones heart should go out to. It really does show why this country and a lot of its citizens are thought of as broken and need help.
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How right your comments are, Christopher, of London 10-36am. You have taken our thoughts right out of our mouths. If this pair was on a council estate, the other children would have been in care by now.

How dare they go eating and drinking with their mates, leaving their children asleep out of earshot and sight in a ground floor hotel bedroom such a long way from their table. If it wasn't for their employment of a slick lawyer, who sues anyone who dares to say what I am writing, they would get the treatment they thoroughly deserve. And there are many in this country who express this feeling.

The real victim in this case is Madelaine, who has never been found. God bless that little child, she is the one who has really suffered.
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I am amazed at the comment son here, I will probably get red arrowed but as long as I say this. I am not condoning leaving a child alone, but to the people saying they went out boozing and just left them. You are making it sound like they were out all night off their heads. Just because they left her, does not mean they deserve to lose her! I can't believe how people are saying we don't want to hear anymore about it they should have got charged with neglect. They have lost a daughter, just think about that for a minute instead of sitting on your high horse casting judgements.
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I have to admit that I'm one who believes many conspiracy theories. I'm harmless enough, but I cannot grasp the theory that Kate and Gerry are somehow guilty of murder. I just don't get it. Some people just want to find a conspiracy with anything today.
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Many people were suspicious of the McCanns because they did not readily acknowledge what idiots they had been leaving such young kids on their own. I'm not surprised that UK police were involved in the investigation and I'd have thought investigating the McCanns would be standard procedure. Whilst pleading to the whole planet for help and information, they were rather selective about how helpful they were themselves... Kate refusing to answer police questions, their friends refusing to take part in a reconstruction. If my daughter had been lost to me as a result of my own stupidity I would have done anything to help.
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Which responsible parent would ever leave very small children alone in a strange apartment, whilst they go out to dinner with their friends? . They should stop wasting time and money searching and accusing everyone else of incompetence, and instead concentrate on the two they have left.

It's such a tragedy, and made worse by the fact that this was totally avoidable, What a waste of a young life.
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First interesting thing out of wikileaks beyond the confirmation that most diplomats suffer from verbal incontinence
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They were 'suspects' of course the police would be looking to see if there was a case against them?
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I cannot understand how this couple blame EVERYONE ELSE but themselves and will not accept that had they not left their children (even after Maddy pleaded with mum the night before about being left alone) then this would never have happened.
- alma mater, gateshead, 14/12/2010 09:33

How insensitive and utterly ignorant you are. They do not blame me, nor do they blame you, but I bet they do blame themselves every day for leaving their child unattended regardless of how safe they beleived they were.

They want their child back and they are prepared to make as much noise as possible to try to make that happen.

What would you do? go down the pub and forget about her?
- Sack the Juggler, Douglas, 14/12/2010

That's exactly what they did do, that night and every night on holiday prior to her disappearance!
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I do feel so sorry for them and the hell they must be living in, but, to be honest, as a Mother, I would have never left my children alone, all my woman's instincts would have been screaming at me not to do it, and I would have listened to that inner voice, even if it meant I'd miss a good night out I'm afraid....
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I cannot understand how this couple blame EVERYONE ELSE but themselves and will not accept that had they not left their children (even after Maddy pleaded with mum the night before about being left alone) then this would never have happened.
- alma mater, gateshead, 14/12/2010 09:33

Your comments are totally heartless!!!!!!!
Of course they blame themselves and they have to live with this blame all their lives. How could anybody think that making a wrong decision like that at the time could have such devastating consequences??? Do you think that Jamie Buldger's mother doesn't fill the guilt for looking away for a minute???
And yes, when something as tragic as this happens parents blame police who suppose to help them find their babies, but are not doing the job they paid to do properly, media that tears their hearts out with their comments and people like YOU who just don't have a heart.
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Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1338421/British-police-developed-evidence-McCanns-WikiLeaks-cable-claims.html#ixzz185oaDak5