Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WIKILEAKS Daily mail

I should think this was all part of a normal investigation where every avenue is explored.
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If the mc canns did not leave there kids in the apartment on there own whilst they socialised with friends ,this would not have happened , they should have been charged with neglect , but no lets blame the police anything but themselves .
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So the fact that this was portrayed as a Portuguese led investigation is untrue. The British Police were as active in the way the investigation was led as the Portuguese police.

Perhaps it's time some credit was given to the Portuguese police and the Portuguese people who worked hard to try and find out what happened to this little girl. Instead of some people looking to point blame.
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Perhaps if the McCanns and their friends had been more co-operative and less defensive the police and the public might have given them an easier ride. They only have themselves to blame and can only put things right by answering the questions, addressing the evidence and spending less time on financial matters.
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I feel very sorry for the McCanns but lets face it had they been a single parent on holiday who left their kids to go for a meal with friends the socail workers back in the Uk would have been all over them and possibly taken the other kids into care. Whoever took Madeleine was able to do so because her parents left her........ that is something they will have to live with for the rest of their lives....... and everytime I see them in the news I am reminded that they were the major contributers to this event because they left her
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It is hardly news that any police will consider parents as suspects when a child goes missing or is killed. In this case, it was hardly surprising.
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They shouldn't have left those children alone and most people will be wishing that investigations are continuing for the poor child.
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Hmmm maybe the English police involved ought to open this case once more.
Just for clarity's sake.
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The McCanns have said that there was 'absolutely no evidence to implicate them in Madeleine's disappearance'.

The evidence is that they were not looking after their children when Madeleine disappeared, they put their three babies at risk and now expect the public to fund their "search" for her but never actually, on their own admisson, physically searched for her themselves. Says a lot really.
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Why weren't the couple the first to be investigated by the Portuguese police? You investigate the nearest people first to eliminate them from your enquiries. Had this been done in the first instance then a lot of heartache would have been saved.

Is it possible the British Police, by investigating the McCann's, were acting to eliminate them from their enquiries first.
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How can they NOT be implicated in their child's disappearance. They left her and 2 even younger children alone in a strange country whilst they continued their hedonistic pursuits. They should thank their middle classness for saving them from prosecution-nothing else
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Please note:

It is the job of the Police to find evidence and to build cases against suspects.

All this release notes is that the Police were looking for evidence, 'developing' a case against. The fact than none was brought in the UK or Portugal means that there was no evidence to prove the case. NO CHARGES WERE BROUGHT against the McCanns.

End of story - as far as criminal prosecution is concerned. It is a different story for the McCanns , however.
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If any further proof was needed that the British governments work against the citizens who vote them into power, then here it is

Although I disagree with Wikileaks when it seeks to undermine state security against its enemies, here is an instance when it has proved vital

unless of course states regard their voting citizens as their enemies
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"Developed evidence".
What a disturbing insight into how the police go about their business.
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So the British police suspected the McCanns. Why not? Whats so special about the McCanns that they are above suspicion? Or are the police expected to believe everybody innocent just because they are doctors and "said so".
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When a suspect remains silent to police questionning it is normally assumed they have something to hide.

Kate McCann failed to answer all police questions in Portugal, so why were the McCanns so surprised to have been made arguidos.

They, and their tapas pals, failed to cooperate with the Portuguese Police after Madeleine went missing. There are a lot of questions and answers outstanding that could have helped in the search for their daughter.

And they have had far more help and attention than any other parents losing a child for which they should be grateful.
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"developed" evidence?

Is that a synonym for "fabricated" evidence?
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That's it in a nutshell isn't it? Our Embassies abroad DO NOT HAVE our interests at heart, have been saying so since we were in Uganda in troubled times in 1972 where we were abandoned by these parasites. Times have not changed, they are only on a jolly at the behest of who ever it is owes them something and they should be abandoned forthwith, we were treated better by other embassies in Uganda than we were by our own - SHAME on you!
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Exactly. There is no evidence to implicate The McCanns in the disappearance of their daughter, and there never was.
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Perhaps now the McCanns and their PR Consultant Clarence will stop criticising the Portuguese Police Force as we now know that the British Police WERE involved in the investigation of the disappearance of Madeleine in Portugal. Although Dr and Mrs McCann have spent a great deal of the Madeleine Fund on legal expenses, an awful lot of money has been put into private detectives trying to find out what happened to Madeleine and they have discovered absolutely nothing new in the last three years. We still have no idea what happened to Madeleine on May 3rd in Portugal!
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OMG the Mcann's shud sue...they have faced brick wall after brick wall...maybe if as much effort had been put in to finding madaline as there obviousley has on building a case against them maybe she would have be found by now....outrages....!
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can you trust our police???
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The McCanns have had to struggle to get the authorities galvanised into action over their young daughter Madeleine. Meanwhile they've let parents like the mother of Baby P and others talk them into ignoring the obvious. Just watching the interview with Tracy Conelly was utterly revealing. The fact that she didn't unfold her arms spoke volumes. Talk about erecting a barrier. Meanwhile Jerry and Kate McCann have done everything to open themselves to scrutiny and still the authorities didn't believe them and took the side of the woefully inept Portuguese police. Bizarre. Its how the authorities cope with being clueless, put the blame on someone, anyone, it makes them look busy. Despicable!
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Are we now going to have yet more rehashes of this case, followed inevitably by yet more appeals for money for the Find Madeleine Fund?
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Absolute rubbish, western police forces are wonderful and never do anything like that. It's probably some student in a wheelchair trying to bring discredit upon the brave boys in blue. The authorities are not the enemy, the enemy is you and me.
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I'm not at all surprised!
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Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1338421/British-police-developed-evidence-McCanns-WikiLeaks-cable-claims.html#ixzz185qvUOyZ