Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why does everyone believe neglect? they lied about everything and yet they still believe neglect? It baffles me.

If the mc canns did not leave there kids in the apartment on there own whilst they socialised with friends ,this would not have happened , they should have been charged with neglect , but no lets blame the police anything but themselves .
- john, london, 14/12/2010

I agree with you here John of London I think the McCanns should be charged with child neglect. But some people want to just blame the police for doing their job properly and exploring every avenue and it would be normal police proceadure to investigate the McCanns
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They should have been charged with neglect, they would have been if they had left their children alone in England.
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So the British police suspected the McCanns. Why not? Whats so special about the McCanns that they are above suspicion? Or are the police expected to believe everybody innocent just because they are doctors and "said so".
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When a suspect remains silent to police questionning it is normally assumed they have something to hide.

Kate McCann failed to answer all police questions in Portugal, so why were the McCanns so surprised to have been made arguidos.

They, and their tapas pals, failed to cooperate with the Portuguese Police after Madeleine went missing. There are a lot of questions and answers outstanding that could have helped in the search for their daughter.

And they have had far more help and attention than any other parents losing a child for which they should be grateful.
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The whole case was a mess from start to finish but that should never disguise the fact that leaving children of that age in a holiday apartment while you party with friends is unforgivable and they should have been charged with child neglect.
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Perhaps now the McCanns and their PR Consultant Clarence will stop criticising the Portuguese Police Force as we now know that the British Police WERE involved in the investigation of the disappearance of Madeleine in Portugal. Although Dr and Mrs McCann have spent a great deal of the Madeleine Fund on legal expenses, an awful lot of money has been put into private detectives trying to find out what happened to Madeleine and they have discovered absolutely nothing new in the last three years. We still have no idea what happened to Madeleine on May 3rd in Portugal!
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I cannot understand how this couple blame EVERYONE ELSE but themselves and will not accept that had they not left their children (even after Maddy pleaded with mum the night before about being left alone) then this would never have happened.
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What are some of the people supporting the McCanns on?
I don't know whether they are innocent or not. But to claim that they had to "struggle to get the authorities into action". What a crock, that couple was given far more attention, time and resources of police and other authorities and money from the public than any other parent of a missing child in history. Yet they are still whining that it has not been enough, no gratitude.
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Sounds like the Police were trying to set them up. The question we now need to answer is, who gave the order?
- David, London UK, 14/12/2010 8:28

It does not sound like the Police were trying to 'set them up'. Are you suggesting that both the Portugese and British Police, for some bizarre reason, got their heads together and decided to set the McCanns up? What a load of poppycock. Its an absurd claim don't you think? You people need to read the article properly.The police were doing what they are employed to do, investigating a crime. They would be c**p Police if they didn't look at all the evidence.
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How right your comments are, Christopher, of London 10-36am. You have taken our thoughts right out of our mouths. If this pair was on a council estate, the other children would have been in care by now.

How dare they go eating and drinking with their mates, leaving their children asleep out of earshot and sight in a ground floor hotel bedroom such a long way from their table. If it wasn't for their employment of a slick lawyer, who sues anyone who dares to say what I am writing, they would get the treatment they thoroughly deserve. And there are many in this country who express this feeling.

The real victim in this case is Madelaine, who has never been found. God bless that little child, she is the one who has really suffered.
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Many people were suspicious of the McCanns because they did not readily acknowledge what idiots they had been leaving such young kids on their own. I'm not surprised that UK police were involved in the investigation and I'd have thought investigating the McCanns would be standard procedure. Whilst pleading to the whole planet for help and information, they were rather selective about how helpful they were themselves... Kate refusing to answer police questions, their friends refusing to take part in a reconstruction. If my daughter had been lost to me as a result of my own stupidity I would have done anything to help.
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Errmm, isn't that the role of the police - to develop a case against those suspected, gather available evidence, investigate leads and so on. I would be concerned indeed if the police acted in any other way during the course of investigation.
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I agree, why haven't they been charged with neglect and the other children taken in to care. It's happen to other parents so what is different here?

Yes it is very sad that she is missing and I hate to think what she went (or may be even is still going) through, but to keep blaming everyone else is not on. Especially as they put their pleasure ahead of their children's safety.

My children were so precious to me I wouldn't even leave them in the car when I went to pay for petrol, let alone leave them on their own when I went boozing!
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Are we now going to have yet more rehashes of this case, followed inevitably by yet more appeals for money for the Find Madeleine Fund?
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Surely it's entirely right that they were suspects. It's the duty of the police to investigate every possibility.
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Does not matter what anyone says, at the end of the day they would not be in this awful position if they had done what any good parent should do and that is get a baby sitter! They are both doctors so one would hope NOT stupid yet they did not think their daughters were worth paying for a sitter, I am sorry but is their own fault!

And yes we all do make mistakes but come on who in their right mind would leave their kids on their own in a foreign country??

How many people have done this in the uk,been found out and then done, yet nothing has happened to them?
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If I had abandoned my children to go drinking and enjoying myself I would hide my head in shame. I would not try to blame everyone else for my disgusting neglect. Had it been poorer people they would have had the other children taken away from them and been charged with neglect. What ever happened to Madeline it is their fault and no one else. Called diverting attention.
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How easily people will go into denial. This article does not say the evidence was fabricated merely that the police were involved in the case. There were plenty of leads to initialize this investigation which should (IMHO) still be open.
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Misleading headline - it does not mean the British police were fabricating evidence, as some readers appear to read it!
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Why do people say the McCann's made a mistake?? Making a mistake is driving to close to the car in front or burning your toast. Leaving children in an unlocked apartment on a main road (with no view of the door) is neglect.
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I'm another who thinks the mcanns should have been prosecuted for neglect.
Not saying they harmed the girl but just as guilty as those who may have done since they left her open to her fate by not being there to protect her.
They should never be allowed to forget their part in this.
I have never felt sorry for them at all,they caused their own situation.
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The McCanns have said that there was 'absolutely no evidence to implicate them in Madeleine's disappearance'.

The evidence is that they were not looking after their children when Madeleine disappeared, they put their three babies at risk and now expect the public to fund their "search" for her but never actually, on their own admisson, physically searched for her themselves. Says a lot really.
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stop McCann bashing and soften your heart, put yourself in their place. Not one of us is perfect.
Victoria Smith, Spain, 14/12/2010 09:05

No none of us is perfect however there is a difference between a momentary lapse of concentration and deleberitly leaving a child in a room for hours on end with no adult supervision because you "did not want a stranger" looking after your child or would not pay for the hotels baby sitting service.

My wife and I have brought up two children one who has autisum and would never have left either of them alone while we went out and ate.

We always ate with them and while they slepped we would sit on the hotel rooms balcony and have adult time! You bring children into the world and they are your responsibility alone to protect them.

Its only because these two are doctors with a middle class background that they have not been charged with neglect!!!!!!!!!!
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How can they NOT be implicated in their child's disappearance. They left her and 2 even younger children alone in a strange country whilst they continued their hedonistic pursuits. They should thank their middle classness for saving them from prosecution-nothing else
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If the mc canns did not leave there kids in the apartment on there own whilst they socialised with friends ,this would not have happened , they should have been charged with neglect , but no lets blame the police anything but themselves .
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Perhaps if the McCanns and their friends had been more co-operative and less defensive the police and the public might have given them an easier ride. They only have themselves to blame and can only put things right by answering the questions, addressing the evidence and spending less time on financial matters.
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People are so cruel ...yes they left their children in that hotel ...how many of you use the babysitting services provided @ Hotels and holiday camps where you think it is safe for complete strangers check on your children with your permission!
They were checking on them regularly themselves!
God knows they have been made to pay for their actions now leave them alone !
- SMMoose, Chelmsford uk, 14/12/2010

But they DIDN'T use the babysitting service (although there was one available) they left 3 pre-school children unattended in a hotel room! I agree whoever took madeline is in the wrong ultimately but we all know the world is not a safe place. What if there had been a fire? What if one child had woken and fell from the balcony? It was irresponsible at the best. Would anyone here dream of leaving their kids in bed and going to a pub 5 mins down the road? If they did social services would have something to say!
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It is hardly news that any police will consider parents as suspects when a child goes missing or is killed. In this case, it was hardly surprising.
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- Victoria Smith, Spain, 14/12/2010 9:05

I don't know how you can compare letting go of a child's hand whilst paying the butcher; and leaving children in an apartment without adult supervision whilst going out for the evening boozing, the same thing.
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The only thing proved against the McCanns is neglect. They left their children alone while enjoying a dinner with friends and left the children in an apartment alone.
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Oh dear.
Rather snags their *useless Portugese plod* line now doesn't it !
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These people are doctors, so they are supposed to be intelligent. Who is in right mind would leave his babies on their own in foreign holiday resort to go out to have dinner? Even a chav would not do thaty!
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I should think this was all part of a normal investigation where every avenue is explored.
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They shouldn't have left those children alone and most people will be wishing that investigations are continuing for the poor child.
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So the fact that this was portrayed as a Portuguese led investigation is untrue. The British Police were as active in the way the investigation was led as the Portuguese police.

Perhaps it's time some credit was given to the Portuguese police and the Portuguese people who worked hard to try and find out what happened to this little girl. Instead of some people looking to point blame.
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I don't find this pair to be very deserving of sympathy in fact I wish they would disappear and get on with their lives.
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When a British subject is suspected of a crime overseas it is quite natural for them to be requested to investigate the background of that subject.
If the McCanns had nothing to hide then that's what the police would have found.There is no need for all these anti comments, they would have been treated no differently than any other suspect from overseas. It is called Police Co-operation, usually through an organisation called Interpol based in Paris.
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I feel very sorry for the McCanns but lets face it had they been a single parent on holiday who left their kids to go for a meal with friends the socail workers back in the Uk would have been all over them and possibly taken the other kids into care. Whoever took Madeleine was able to do so because her parents left her........ that is something they will have to live with for the rest of their lives....... and everytime I see them in the news I am reminded that they were the major contributers to this event because they left her
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I'm not at all surprised!
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The McCann's didn't make a mistake, they CHOSE to neglect their children by going out drinking and leaving them alone every night. I can only assume that those who support them do the same. Shame on you.
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For all of you saying forgive them for their mistake etc etc. I wonder if you would be saying the same if the McCanns were on benefits and had left their children sleeping at home whilst they socialised at the pub? Neglect is negelect!!!
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Hmmm maybe the English police involved ought to open this case once more.
Just for clarity's sake.
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Why have they never been charged with anything.
The least should have been neglect.
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I cannot understand how this couple blame EVERYONE ELSE but themselves and will not accept that had they not left their children (even after Maddy pleaded with mum the night before about being left alone) then this would never have happened.
- alma mater, gateshead, 14/12/2010 09:33

How insensitive and utterly ignorant you are. They do not blame me, nor do they blame you, but I bet they do blame themselves every day for leaving their child unattended regardless of how safe they beleived they were.

They want their child back and they are prepared to make as much noise as possible to try to make that happen.

What would you do? go down the pub and forget about her?
- Sack the Juggler, Douglas, 14/12/2010

That's exactly what they did do, that night and every night on holiday prior to her disappearance!
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" Look at Jamie bulger, his mother let go of his hand for a few minutes to pay the butcher, was she neglectful, no, was her child abducted, "- Victoria Smith, Spain, 14/12/2010 9:05

What a stupid stupid comment - how dare you even attempt to make out the cases are even slightly similar. The McCanns left 3 children under 4 in an unlocked room that they checked every half an hour. The worst case scenario happened. They must live with the fact that they were not there when their child needed them through their own selfishness. Denise Bulger had her son lurred away from under her nose. She had done everything correctly but had not factored in sheer evil. Put simply The McCanns took a risk that was not worth taking.
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Madeleine would still be in the bosom of her family if she had not been abandoned that fateful evening. So all those who feel sorry for the McCanns, feel sorry for Madeline as she is the victim in this debacle and and the law did not take its true course.
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stop McCann bashing and soften your heart, put yourself in their place. Not one of us is perfect.
- Victoria Smith, Spain, 14/12/2010 09:05

Not one of us is perfect, no. But very, very few of us have left our small children alone to go out boozing. That's the difference.
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Look at Jamie bulger, his mother let go of his hand for a few minutes to pay the butcher, was she neglectful, no, was her child abducted, yes.
- Victoria Smith, Spain, 14/12/2010 9:05

Letting go of a child's hand for a moment in a public place where you would expect someone to see them being abducted and help is not the same as leaving three children under the age of 4 in a hotel room for hours on end in a foreign country where no-one will notice they're gone for over an hour. It would be a terrible case of neglect if she hadn't been abducted, so many things could have gone wrong.

Please, all the people who defend the McCann's and claim they're not at least 50% responsible for what happened to their daughter would be howling for their execution if they were poor and lived on a council estate!
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Were they gulity of a gross error of judgment ? - Probably Yes
Did they deserve to lose their child this way ? - Definitely No
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A few points in answer to a number of posters

* The children were not left alone only the night Madeleine disappeared, but night after night - it was standard practice for the group. And Kate admitted that Madeleine had said she and Sean had been crying for their parents the night. before. How could Kate and Gerry leave them alone again knowing that the children had previously been crying for them? It goes against all caring parenting
* Kate and Gerry have never admitted responsibility - that is one of the problems. There would be much more sympathy for them if they had, and had added "Don't do the same". Instead they said "Everyone does it" (They do NOT) So they gave out the wrong message and therefore have lost sympathy
* As doctors, not only would they be assumed to be intelligent enough to know children should not be left alone, they would be expected, as professionals, to report to Social Services any parents they were aware of that behaved in such a manner
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Which responsible parent would ever leave very small children alone in a strange apartment, whilst they go out to dinner with their friends? . They should stop wasting time and money searching and accusing everyone else of incompetence, and instead concentrate on the two they have left.

It's such a tragedy, and made worse by the fact that this was totally avoidable, What a waste of a young life.
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So, Wikileaks is just a series of gossipy, unsubstantiated notes between colleagues. The McCanns neglected their children which is how Madeleine disappeared but I wish she could be found to bring everyone concerned peace.
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Guilty or not why did they leave the kids on their own whilst dining? that was a terrible mistake .
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"Developing evidence" is simply a phrase that is often used for pursuing a line of enquiry to its logical conclusion. If the evidence is insufficient then no charges can be brought. Presumably there was some evidence of something for them to work on, even if it was only indicative or circumstantial? I don't know. But, at the end of the day there appears to have been nothing that could reasonably convict and so the matter must rest there unless new evidence comes to light. I have absolutey no opinion as to the McCanns' guilt or innocence with regard to Madeleine's disapperance and wouldn't voice it if I did.
I do, however, have an opinion on their admitted behaviour and that is that they didn't carry out their parental duties in a responsible way. That evening was not a one off lapse but part of a pattern of behaviour.
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I am unsure why this should be considered an unusual issue. The parents would have to be suspects in any case until they were eliminated as such from the investigation. Portuguese police would no doubt have provided British police with any evidence they had which implicated the McCanns in the course of this. The fact that no charges were brought in either Portugal or the UK must surely have demonstrated that neither police force felt there was any evidence to pursue that particular line of enquiry any further. In short the police on both sides were simply doing their jobs.
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What is proved against the Maccann couple is Maderlaine came to serious harm,
because she was neglected by her parents while they wined and dined. That is beyond doubt. How people can still defend this couple is beyond me> Get your Rose coloured specs off get real.
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Parents in cases such as this are always suspects based upon experience of previous cases. It would be neglectful on the part of Portuguese and British police if this line of enquiry was not explored.
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Bob London and every one who thinks anyone who disagrees that the MacCans did no wrong

The MacCans are sad to say far from innocent they are guilty of child neglect
who in their right minds leaves children asleep in an appartment which is out of sight in any country in the world???

I think they are extreamly lucky they have never been charged with the offence
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When I first heard the story I had some sympathy and was willing to allow that as parents they had made a huge error of judgement that they would regret all of their lives.

However there is something about these two that is just not pleasant. I suspect they were no different prior to their holiday and wonder if both suffer from a degree of arrogance that means they believed they knew better than the police and that they were entitled to set off on their own course of action and be just plain awkward.

I can't help but find their moaning & self-pity about their plight (rather than Madeliene's) rather distateful.

I also suspect that they have rather enjoyed the attention, the fundraising & visits to see the Pope.

Everyday in the weeks after her daughter's disappearance, Kate McCann came out with her hair freshly styled and highlighted, her make-up & clothes immaculate. It just didn't sit right with the situation and I think a lot of people have felt the same about these two.
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I do feel so sorry for them and the hell they must be living in, but, to be honest, as a Mother, I would have never left my children alone, all my woman's instincts would have been screaming at me not to do it, and I would have listened to that inner voice, even if it meant I'd miss a good night out I'm afraid....
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Quite right that the British Police were involved. If this had happened in the UK I would have expected the McCanns to be prosecuted for leaving such young children unattended. They have nobody to blame for what happened but themselves and it will be on their consciences. It is poor Madeleine for whom I have sympathy.
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They were 'suspects' of course the police would be looking to see if there was a case against them?
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When the McCanns were not co-operating with the Portuguese Police in trying to locate their lost daughter and were also ignoring much police advice including not to advertise the fact that their daughter had an eye imperfection, no wonder they brought suspicion upon themselves and no wonder the Portuguese Police asked for British police co-operation (which they had).
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I believe when a child goes missing it is standard practice to investigate the family, after all most child murders are committed by someone known to the family.
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Why weren't the couple the first to be investigated by the Portuguese police? You investigate the nearest people first to eliminate them from your enquiries. Had this been done in the first instance then a lot of heartache would have been saved.

Is it possible the British Police, by investigating the McCann's, were acting to eliminate them from their enquiries first.
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Where IS this child... ? the torment is unbearable...
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I am sorry it is very sad for the Little Girl, but the parents have only there selves to blame, if they had thought more of taking there children out with them rather than going out on there own she would still be here!!! It makes me sick if it had been a single Mum or Dad that had left there children they would have had the lot thrown at them!!! so please stop making exscuses for theese people!!!!!!!
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How misleading this article is!

You have taken the word "development" in complety the wrong way.
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First interesting thing out of wikileaks beyond the confirmation that most diplomats suffer from verbal incontinence
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I am interested now in reading Dr Amaral's book on the case. The book had been banned, but the ban has now been lifted.
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I don't know who is guilty in this case, but I do know that there is one young child who is innocent. Could I politely ask that the DM not always feel the need to include a photo of her in every story dragged up about this case. Let her at least rest in peace.
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Many commentators are making the point that - you can leave your child outside a shop while you pop in, or let go of their hand at a horse meeting etc. and make comparisons that it is the same. It is not. The McCanns consciously went out most nights, and have you all forgotten that poor little Madeleine asked why they did not come when her and Sean were crying the night before? They still went out that night, so it was not a case of popping into the shop like Denise Bulger. How dare people make the same comparison! After Madeleine made that comment, their behaviour was actually cruel!
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'Developing evidence' is just Police speak for taking a snippet that comes into the incident room and seeing what is behind it. Taking it as far as it will go.
'Following it up' in normal language.
Nothing sinister
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- jay, merseyside, 14/12/2010 13:09

I totally agree. Blatant child neglect!

- SMMoose, Chelmsford uk, 14/12/2010

That's ridiculos - so you're saying dont leave them with strangers (who are trained to do that job) but yes leave them alone so you can have fun...hmm!!
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I really don't know what to believe. Only thing is Maddie is still missing! I still think of her every day where she is or what happened to her. Hopefully we all will hear a good news one day!
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'Victoria Smith, Spain makes a valid point! Denise Bulger left her son ALONE outside a shop!'
Bob, London,

Denise Bulger did not leave her son ALONE outside a shop, he was in the shop with her and she let go of his hand to pay for some shopping. For goodness sake, that is so different to repeatedly going out, night after night. leaving your children alone in a strange place in a foreign country. They knew their children were crying and distressed, they knew Madeleine was calling for her mummy, but they left them anyway. They did not make a mistake, they committed an act of utter selfishness and heartlessness. I am so sad that Madeleine is still missing, but my sadness is for her and her siblings, not her thoughtless parents.
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Not this again-stop giving these pathetic excuses for parents publicity. Sorry,Wikileaks this is one case we DON'T want to hear any more about
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This little girl was let down by her parents. By all accounts it was not the first time she was left alone. The parents were lucky that the other two children were not taken. Despite all this you cannot feel anything but pity for the McCanns. To lose a child is terrible but to carry the knowledge that it could so easily have been avoided must be a terrible price to pay. Gerry Mccann has said many times that the authorities in Britain should be doing more, it now seems that a lot was being done behind the scenes.
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Why anyone would ever leave their child unattended at night is beyond me!! ESPECIALLY on holiday!!
I still do not understand why the McCanns were not charged with child neglect??

I dont think anyone will ever no the true story about what happened to this beautiful little girl as the whole case has been a mess from start to finish!!
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it is still beyond me that the mccanns were not met by social services when they returned to the uk and faced charges of neglect at least.
still i suppose that money, position and friends in high places count a lot, unlike women on benefits who go on holiday and leave their children with teenagers minding their children at home, who actually had child care to the best of their ability, allbeit misguided.
speaks volumes doesn't it?
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this girl is breaking my heart... i hope to God that she is well wherever she is... and that she will soon be found.

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When i was a kid on holiday my parents used to take me out for dinner with them and when i fell asleep on a chair they would throw a jacket over me, cant see them leaving me alone in the hotel room... Now i have a daughter i would never leave her especially on holiday in a strange country, i cant even run to the shop downstairs as im to worried! Its so sad and my heart and good thoughts are with Maddie.... Her parents should have never of left her.
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'Developed' is being made to sound sinister in some way... rather like 'manufactured a case,' or 'massaged the facts.' It just means that the British police, like the Portuguese, police collected and collated evidence to make a case... as is their job, and that they collaborated... as they should have done.
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People are so cruel ...yes they left their children in that hotel ...how many of you use the babysitting services provided @ Hotels and holiday camps where you think it is safe for complete strangers check on your children with your permission!
They were checking on them regularly themselves!
God knows they have been made to pay for their actions now leave them alone !
- SMMoose, Chelmsford uk, 14/12/2010

Are you actually being serious?? you said it yourself "they left their children in that hotel" apart from them I could not think of anyone who would leave 3 children under the age of 4 on their own in a hotel room while they went "across the road" to spend time with friends!!

because of their actions they lost an irreplaceable baby girl!!
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Love the way anyone who is expressing concern for a missing child, (who, let's face it had been through who knows what in the intervening years) gets red arrows, while those who dont actually seem to care about her and would rather bash the parents get green.

- Emily, Bristol, 14/12/2010 12:35

Emily - you have, unfortunately, completely missed what people are saying.

No one on here has expressed a lack of concern for a missing child. What they are actually saying is that a) any missing child investigation will consider the parents as potential suspects & not to do so is neglectful and b) regardless of whether their child went missing or not, much of the public do not the McCanns & find them cold, arrogant & unwilling to admit their own failings in their duty of care towards their children that particular night & other nights preceeding it.

Saying you don't like the McCanns is not the same as not caring for Madelieine, & shame on you for using her plight to try & be superior
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My x left our daughter alone while she went socialising with her family , i dealt
with the situation as any parent would have done , i was dragged through the family courts while she sat pretty and used her 'womans rights' to cover up the
entire crime with the help of her solicitor & an garda siochana , justice my foot .
The McCanns ought to have been prosecuted for Reckless Endangerment .
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What can one say. Shame on Portugal, on England, Shame on bad parenting (leaving 3 children alone in the house while having dinner with friends in the restaurant.
Social security services should have taken the other kids away from this bad and unresponsable parents,
Shame on you McCan for leaving your child alone, and for making as all believe in your miss fortune.
May your dreams be haunted with the cry of your daughter. She called you, needed you. But you were having so much fun in the bar!

(sorry for the mistakes)
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How misleading this article is!

You have taken the word "development" in complety the wrong way.

- Debbie, Braunfels, Germany., 14/12/2010 11:06

In what way? The dictionary definition of 'development' is: 'The act of improving by expanding or enlarging or refining.' Seems exactly spot on from reading the report.
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Yes lets all keep blowing and keep this balloon aloft for that is no more than it is an illusion-----face facts
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How misleading this article is!

You have taken the word "development" in complety the wrong way.

- Debbie, Braunfels, Germany., 14/12/2010 11:06

In what way? The dictionary definition of 'development' is: 'The act of improving by expanding or enlarging or refining.' Seems exactly spot on from reading the report.
- Legal Beagle, Reading, UK, 14/12/2010 13:13
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Yes - sorry - I meant if "development" is likened to "fabrication".

"Had evidence against them 'developed.' " Makes it sound as if the police were fabricating evidence. And other newspaper articles are implying that. That's all I wished to point out.
I agree with your definition.
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Can I just say that its odd that, after all these years and the never ending newspaper reports, no sign of Madeline has been found. If she is alive somewhere, her distinctive pupil will give her away, even now. I have read of people who claim to have seen her in various places and done nothing, if that is the case, they should hang their heads in shame, if I suspected that a little girl was Madeline, I would challenge the adults with her and call the local poilice! poor Madeline and her parents, lets not forget her younger siblings, who are having to grow up in the shadow of all this unhappiness.
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- Farmer Giles, Truro, Cornwall, 14/12/2010 10:07
I'm sorry I accidentally hit the red arrow instead of the green arrow, I totally agree with you
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Madeleine, know that wherever you are sweet angel, your mummy and daddy will never ever stop loving you and searching for you. Nobody had the right to steal you from your beautiful little life.
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When I look at Kate I see a destroyed woman, her face is etched with grief & sadness.
Gerry is still trying to keep the Status Quo, too sad for words.
God bless Madeleine McCann
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Have we all forgotten a child is missing, yes they did leave them unattended we all know that ! the focus should be finding her and doing all we can. I do not think for one minute the parents are involved I hope and pray there is an happy ending.
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Davey Crockett, what a very peculiar comment. So the British/ English police cannot suspect any British/ English people of committing any crimes? Interesting policy...


The thought of the British police working against two of their own, in such horrific circumstances as the loss of their child, is absolutely beyond belief.
- davey crockett, England, 14/12/2010 12:06
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Of course the Police in the UK helped out with the enquiry. Most of the detractors here would have been the ones baying for blood, had it eventually become apparent that they had something to do with the events. Without any requests from Portugal, as the events were unfolding, it would be natural and proper for enquiries to be made in this country. There were other children in the family who might need protection. I know that some will not believe this but it's true. Modern major police enquiries are not geared specifically to gathering evidence that someone "did something" but more to proving that no one else did. A subtle difference! I am not saying for one minute that the McCann's did anything other than make a stupid mistake but if it had been otherwise, wouldn't you want to know for the protection of your children?
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So the Police have "developed" a case against the parents, we have come to learn that this means "stitching up" someone regardless of the truth. The Truth is that one is automatically guilty by association, and then you need to prove yourself innocent. Ask anyone who has had to prove themselves innocent after being falsely accused by the Police. Surely it should be that the UK Police are developing a case to support the parents?. There again there is no glory in defense for the Police only when they secure a conviction are the crime statistics of any public relations value people do not matter to career police.
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It's so true, that the amount of red or green arrows by DM readers is very much determined by where you are from! It should not matter in the slightest and it seems that a great deal of DM readers seem to hate anyone successful which is absolutely ridiculous. All sorts of people are successful and people from working class backgrounds also become doctors so stop being so judgemental.

It's wrong for anyone to leave their child alone in a hotel room, but I think they are paying the price for it and I don't see how it is any different from someone working class doing the same thing.
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- Kate, Fuente de Cantos, Spain, 14/12/2010 14:12

A little sanity and compassion in this cesspool of vitriol.
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